Sep. 13th, 2012

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Bodacious Space Pirates is an anime about a high school girl who suddenly inherits the captaincy of a pirate ship. IN SPACE! I just finished watching it yesterday and I would highly recommend it to any yuri fans reading this. There are lots of compelling female-female friendships as well as one canonical lesbian relationship. The scifi and world-building elements are intriguing and usually at least somewhat plausible. There is refreshingly little male gaze for this kind of anime. The only problem I had with it was the plot structure. The pacing was frequently off, I really felt the lack of any sort of single thread of conflict running through the series, a number of things that happened weren't explained to my satisfaction, and the finale left me with a sense of incompleteness. A second season would clear up that last one, but I have my doubts that a movie, which is so far the only continuation announced, could. Failing another season, what this series really needs is a fandom with lots of fic to fill in the gaps. Tragically, my searches so far have turned up a total of three fanfics, and not much in the way of fanart either.


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