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The year isn't technically over yet, but I don't have any holiday challenge fic going up and I don't plan on writing anything in the next few days.

Things I wrote in 2011 )

The meme )
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Wrapping this up with some more Sayaka/Kyouko afterlife fluff. I just get a kick out of Sayaka managing to completely fluster Kyouko just by being herself. I think Sayaka does too.

VII. Beneath thy guidance reconciled )
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Once when I was talking about Madoka Magica with my best friend, she wondered why Sayaka became a witch in the third timeline when she would have had so much more support. I hypothesized that maybe that was the whole problem.

More sad fic. I promise I'll write something happier tomorrow to make up for it.

VI. Look At Me )
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So far I have written about why people hate Sayaka and why they are wrong. Now I am going to write a little bit about why I love her.

V. Things that Miki Sayaka IS: resourceful, brave. )
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Darkfic this time, around 600 words. It focuses on Sayaka's relationship with Mami, since that's something I'm pretty sure I've never seen before in fanfiction. There's relatively little fic centered on Sayaka's feelings and experiences in the first place, and what there is is invariably about her relationship with Kyousuke or Kyouko.

Trigger warnings for graphic violence and death.

IV. Black and White, Red and Yellow )


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