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Darkfic this time, around 600 words. It focuses on Sayaka's relationship with Mami, since that's something I'm pretty sure I've never seen before in fanfiction. There's relatively little fic centered on Sayaka's feelings and experiences in the first place, and what there is is invariably about her relationship with Kyousuke or Kyouko.

Trigger warnings for graphic violence and death.

She can’t say it doesn’t surprise her, but it does make sense that a corrupt magical girl would turn into a witch. Sayaka said herself that Kyouko and Kirika were almost as bad as witches, so when Kirika sheds the “almost” along with her human body, she is one of the first, alongside Homura, to push through the shock and attack her like she would attack any other monster.

It’s a hard battle. Kyouko and Mami are clearly dazed. She’s a little dazed herself, and aside from that, she still doesn’t have much experience. Homura pulls them through, though, and for a moment Sayaka thinks that it will somehow be okay. It’s not that much worse than already being a zombie. They just have to be more careful with grief seeds and their soul gems, and maybe start carrying cyanide pills or something.

Then Mami shoots Kyouko and turns the gun on her.

“Why?” Sayaka whispers, falling to her knees.

“I love my kouhai too much to watch that happen to you,” she babbles. There are tears streaming from her eyes and there is mucus trickling down her upper lip, and her whole face contorts under the strain of the grief. Sayaka would never have believed that graceful Mami with her golden curls would be so ugly when she cried. “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry—”

Before she can pull the trigger, her soul gem shatters. For a moment, pink mist and gleaming shards of yellow crystal hang like a halo in the air around her head. Then she crumples to the ground.

Homura, who a second ago had been on the other side of the room, stands gun in hand less than a meter away from the body. “Are you all right, Sayaka?” she asks.

Sayaka realizes that Homura shot Mami at point blank range and feels an inexplicable rage prick at her heart. “Murderer.”

“She was going to kill you,” Homura says, as though it were something small enough that it could just be said, as though it were something light enough that it could travel through air as feather-thin words and not heavy enough to crack the world open like a hammer coming down on a blue ceramic bauble.

“She would never!” Sayaka sobs. “She would never hurt me or anyone else! Mami is good!”

“She killed Kyouko.”

“No! That’s backwards!”

Homura walks calmly up to her and just as calmly backhands her across the face. “Wake up! You saw all of it with your own eyes.”

“No,” she says again, but she isn’t really arguing with Homura. She’s arguing with reality, because reality is wrong. It’s wrong and it hurts, and even without looking she can sense that her own soul gem, already dimmed from the fight with Kirika, is growing steadily darker. “You’re already a murderer, so kill me too!”

“I can’t do that,” Homura says.

Sayaka lifts her sword and swings it at her. She vanishes and reappears a few meters away.

“Pull yourself together,” Homura says. At last she’s beginning to sound upset, and Sayaka takes a small measure of comfort from that. “I need you to help me fight Walpurgis Night. You’re probably not strong enough yet for it to work, but we have to at least try.”

Sayaka gets to her feet and charges her.

She’s right by the body when the bullet hits her. She feels herself falling, and the last thing she sees is a blur of yellow and red.
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