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It's been over a year since I posted anything here, but I don't feel like breaking this tradition just yet.

Things I wrote in 2013 )

Not a bad year, except for the part where I stopped writing for almost half of it. )
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Dear Author,

First of all, thank you for writing for me! I have a feeling this exchange is going to be awesome. ♥

For this exchange I asked for pairings that are rare enough I would be happy to see just about any fic at all for them. Any rating from G to R is fine! The one thing I am not particularly interested in is porn without plot, though I don't mind some smut if it's in the context of a larger story or the focus is more on the characters' feelings and the dynamics of their relationship than every dirty little detail of what's going on physically.

Here is a short list of things that I especially like:
-Power couples being awesome and devastating all who oppose them, whether politically or in battle. (I think this would work especially well for Dawn/Marley, Pratty/Sanary, and the Bodacious Space Pirates couples.)
-One girl being in danger and the other having to rescue her.
-Both girls being in danger and having to fight their way out together.
-Hurt/comfort of any variety, from fluffy sickfic to darker fic about recovering from deep psychological or physical wounds.
-Happy or at least bittersweetly hopeful endings, though I am fine with the story as a whole not being particularly happy. (The one exception to this is if you're writing Jupiter/Mars. That pairing should be as dark and hopelessly fucked up as possible.)

I hope that helps inspire you a little! And seriously, thank you again.
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Bodacious Space Pirates is an anime about a high school girl who suddenly inherits the captaincy of a pirate ship. IN SPACE! I just finished watching it yesterday and I would highly recommend it to any yuri fans reading this. There are lots of compelling female-female friendships as well as one canonical lesbian relationship. The scifi and world-building elements are intriguing and usually at least somewhat plausible. There is refreshingly little male gaze for this kind of anime. The only problem I had with it was the plot structure. The pacing was frequently off, I really felt the lack of any sort of single thread of conflict running through the series, a number of things that happened weren't explained to my satisfaction, and the finale left me with a sense of incompleteness. A second season would clear up that last one, but I have my doubts that a movie, which is so far the only continuation announced, could. Failing another season, what this series really needs is a fandom with lots of fic to fill in the gaps. Tragically, my searches so far have turned up a total of three fanfics, and not much in the way of fanart either.
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Cross-posted from tumblr because this is a better place for it anyway.

I’ve been lurking some Harvest Moon/Rune Factory forums. Just now I was reading some discussion of the bachelors in Land’s Origins and while most of the girls were very enthusiastic about Neil, a couple started talking about how much they dislike him and Vaughn and the other “bad boys” of HM. What’s so appealing about a guy who’s mean to you until you win him over? they wanted to know. I was nodding along in agreement and feeling very mature, when suddenly I realized that I made a beeline for Raven in RF3 and she is the same exact thing only female.

And that’s kind of interesting to me. What’s the difference? Well, obviously, I’m more attracted to gals than to guys. But it’s more than just a question of attraction. Flip Micah's and Raven’s genders and the moment Raven shoved Micah in Sol Terrano I would have run and never looked back. Honestly, it was a little troubling even in the canon scenario, but I forgot about it pretty quickly. I actually have a much stronger reaction to Marian drugging Micah. That seems threatening in a way that simply getting physical doesn’t when it’s female-on-male.

Flipping the genders also destroys the dynamic where it’s the guy doing all of the emotional work for once. Even the part at the end with Aquaticus annoyed me less than I thought it would. “I’m going to be levelling her up alongside me,” I thought when I read about the endgame scenario, “so why can’t she save herself?” Well, because she’s being More Than Mind-Controlled. When you’re fighting the dragon, you’re really fighting the last lingering traces of her doubt and self-loathing. (But isn’t it funny that women rescuing men emotionally, for example in East of the Sun-type stories, is never symbolized that way?)

But then I have to ask myself: what if just Micah was genderflipped? I don’t think anyone who knows me would buy it if I claimed I would find their relationship less compelling if it were girl/girl, so I’m not going to make that claim. It’s definitely a kind of double standard.

I’m pleased to report, though, that the double standard seems to be entirely on my side, since Raven is, from what I can tell, an overwhelming favorite with the same fanbase that always goes for the Vaughns and the Skyes when there’s an option to play as a gal and romance the guys.
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My fic for the 2012 Valentine's Day Yuri Challenge! It's Juri/Utena, sort of, in the Unresolved (And Never To Be Resolved Because We Both Already Have Life Partners) Sexual Tension sense. Two thousand words, general audiences, no warnings.
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The year isn't technically over yet, but I don't have any holiday challenge fic going up and I don't plan on writing anything in the next few days.

Things I wrote in 2011 )

The meme )
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I will still be crossposting to Livejournal, so no worries if you aren't.

ETA: Apparently, there is an issue with the cross-post link! Until I figure out how to fix it, you can find my Dreamwidth journal here.

ETA2: Nevermind, it's fixed! Apparently when I created a custom footer I copy-pasted the template URL from the default footer, because this is my first day on the internet and I thought it was my actual URL.

ETA3: Okay, this time for real?
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Wrapping this up with some more Sayaka/Kyouko afterlife fluff. I just get a kick out of Sayaka managing to completely fluster Kyouko just by being herself. I think Sayaka does too.

VII. Beneath thy guidance reconciled )
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Once when I was talking about Madoka Magica with my best friend, she wondered why Sayaka became a witch in the third timeline when she would have had so much more support. I hypothesized that maybe that was the whole problem.

More sad fic. I promise I'll write something happier tomorrow to make up for it.

VI. Look At Me )
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So far I have written about why people hate Sayaka and why they are wrong. Now I am going to write a little bit about why I love her.

V. Things that Miki Sayaka IS: resourceful, brave. )
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Darkfic this time, around 600 words. It focuses on Sayaka's relationship with Mami, since that's something I'm pretty sure I've never seen before in fanfiction. There's relatively little fic centered on Sayaka's feelings and experiences in the first place, and what there is is invariably about her relationship with Kyousuke or Kyouko.

Trigger warnings for graphic violence and death.

IV. Black and White, Red and Yellow )
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Sign-ups are now open for the first ever Homestuck Shipping Olympics!
The HSO is an event that brings fans together to create awesome stuff and hang out. You can participate by signing up with a livejournal account here and choosing which ship to support! Please only sign up if you can be polite and respectful about other ships; we want this to be a really fun experience for everybody. Sign-ups will be open from now until August 1.
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My Myth, Ritual, and Performance professor assigned us to write fairy tales.

That was probably a bad idea. )
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