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Dear Author,

First of all, thank you for writing for me! I have a feeling this exchange is going to be awesome. ♥

For this exchange I asked for pairings that are rare enough I would be happy to see just about any fic at all for them. Any rating from G to R is fine! The one thing I am not particularly interested in is porn without plot, though I don't mind some smut if it's in the context of a larger story or the focus is more on the characters' feelings and the dynamics of their relationship than every dirty little detail of what's going on physically.

Here is a short list of things that I especially like:
-Power couples being awesome and devastating all who oppose them, whether politically or in battle. (I think this would work especially well for Dawn/Marley, Pratty/Sanary, and the Bodacious Space Pirates couples.)
-One girl being in danger and the other having to rescue her.
-Both girls being in danger and having to fight their way out together.
-Hurt/comfort of any variety, from fluffy sickfic to darker fic about recovering from deep psychological or physical wounds.
-Happy or at least bittersweetly hopeful endings, though I am fine with the story as a whole not being particularly happy. (The one exception to this is if you're writing Jupiter/Mars. That pairing should be as dark and hopelessly fucked up as possible.)

I hope that helps inspire you a little! And seriously, thank you again.
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